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Tablohane's Inspiring Success Story

Tablohane offers a service that brings art into homes and workplaces through specially designed canvas paintings. The collection of Tablohane includes a wide range of paintings in different styles. Customers can choose from a selection of paintings that suit their tastes and interior spaces, or they can customize their desired design. Tablohane is a platform that appeals to art enthusiasts and those who want to add aesthetics to their indoor spaces.


What's the problem?

In the competitive painting sector, Tablohane was finding it difficult to stand out. There was a need to improve the SEO performance of the website and to optimize the architecture of the pages. Additionally, there were issues with Google and other search engines accessing the subpages of the site. Therefore, it was inevitable for Tablohane to seek new strategies and solutions to increase its online visibility and reach potential customers more effectively.


Why the brand choose us?

Tablohane was in search of a service with extensive operational support and experienced, boutique service approach to strengthen its presence in the competitive painting sector and reach a wider audience. ROIBLE instilled confidence in providing solutions tailored to these needs, not only providing consultancy but also managing all operational processes, allowing Tablohane to focus on its business. ROIBLE's unique approach, expert team, and boutique service approach made it the preferred choice for Tablohane. This collaboration plays a critical role in expanding Tablohane's market share and achieving prominence in the sector.


Our approach to the Tablohane's project.

We adopted a strategic approach to increase Tablohane's market share and strengthen its online visibility. We developed solutions that would enable the brand to stand out and build deeper connections with the target audience. Conducting comprehensive research and analysis, we aimed to understand customer expectations and deliver the best service. Thus, by emphasizing the value Tablohane offers, we enabled it to differentiate from competitors and capture the attention of the target audience.


What actions did we take?

  • Website architecture optimization: Structural adjustments were made to Tablohane's website to enhance user experience and search engine accessibility.
  • Technical and content optimizations of pages, prioritizing category pages: Each page of the website was updated with content aligned with targeted keywords and user-focused.
  • Creation of original blog content on topics of interest to users and where our competitors are active: Engaging and informative blog posts were crafted on subjects like art, interior decoration, and painting trends, increasing user interaction and strengthening brand awareness and authority.
  • Regular cleanup of spam links to optimize external links that could harm our site: The website's external link profile was examined, removing harmful or low-quality links and acquiring backlinks from reputable, authoritative sites, thus improving the website's search engine rankings and credibility.


What were the results?

  • When comparing the year we worked with Tablohane to the previous year before our efforts, we achieved the following results:
  • Significant increase in visibility: Tablohane's online visibility significantly increased over the past year, allowing the brand to reach more potential customers.
  • Increase in impressions and clicks in non-brand queries: According to Search Console data, there was a noticeable increase in Tablohane's website impressions and clicks in non-brand queries, indicating higher visibility and more clicks by users.
  • Although there was an approximately 38-fold increase in the number of impressions and a 29.54-fold increase in the number of clicks, the average position also increased by nearly 20%. This brought about a very high increase in traffic and the number of orders.

Some images of the results of Tablohane

The good results we obtain as a result of each work motivate us to achieve greater success.

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