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Organic Growth

Longosphere's Inspiring Success Story

Longosphere is a facility situated right next to the Igneada Longoz Forests, offering a nature-immersed lodging experience. Here, guests can relax in a tranquil environment and explore the beauty of the surroundings. Longosphere provides various accommodation options and natural activities, making it an ideal getaway for vacationers.


What's the problem?

The main issue Longosphere faced was its inability to rank sufficiently high for non-brand keywords and experiencing low crawl depth despite brand awareness. This made it difficult for potential guests to find Longosphere and negatively impacted its efforts to strengthen its online presence. Additionally, deficiencies in basic SEO aspects diminished the brand's competitiveness.


Why the brand choose us?

As a brand offering a natural and boutique lodging experience, Longosphere was in search of solutions tailored to its specific needs. Our expertise, strategic flexibility, specialization in organic growth, and search engine optimization were key factors that led Longosphere to choose us. This was crucial for Longosphere to strengthen its online presence and reach the target audience organically.


Our approach to the Longosphere's project.

In approaching the Longosphere project, we initiated a comprehensive analysis process to understand the brand's unique features and goals. This analysis covered important elements such as Longosphere's natural environment, accommodation options, and target audience. Subsequently, based on this information, we developed a detailed plan to optimize the website's architecture and increase crawl depth. We also focused on strategically producing content that would attract the interest of the target audience and achieve high rankings in search engines. This content aimed to highlight Longosphere's unique nature experience and accommodation options. Additionally, by implementing SEO strategies such as garbage link cleanup and online reputation management, we aimed to strengthen Longosphere's online presence and increase brand awareness.


What actions did we take?

  • Longosphere Glamping serves as a facility capable of meeting the needs of many nature enthusiasts, such as those who want to stay in tents, tiny houses, or bungalows. Accordingly, we developed a comprehensive content strategy to produce content that would attract potential guests' interest and achieve better rankings in search engines. As part of this strategy, we created informative and engaging landing pages about Longosphere's accommodation options, natural environment, and activities.
  • Furthermore, we conducted a detailed analysis to optimize the website's architecture and crawl depth, making necessary adjustments accordingly. We created blog content aligned with targeted keywords to enhance the user experience on the website. This was aimed at achieving better rankings for targeted keywords.
  • By implementing SEO strategies such as garbage link cleanup, backlink acquisition, and online reputation management, we aimed to strengthen Longosphere's online presence and increase brand awareness. We continuously monitored these efforts and made constant improvements to ensure Longosphere ranks higher in search engines.


What were the results?

  • Initially, we observed improvements in keyword rankings based on our data and SEMrush tools. We achieved a significant increase in the number of keywords ranking in the top 10 positions. This development made it easier for potential guests to find Longosphere and led to a significant increase in organic traffic.
  • In conclusion, our comprehensive content strategy, website architecture optimizations, garbage link cleanup, and online reputation management efforts have contributed to significant improvements in Longosphere's search engine rankings, consequently increasing organic traffic. This success has enhanced the brand's performance in non-brand keywords, making it more visible and accessible to potential guests.

Some images of the results of Longosphere

The good results we obtain as a result of each work motivate us to achieve greater success.

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