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Easycep's Inspiring Success Story

Easycep is a leading brand specializing in refurbished smartphones, aiming to provide high-quality and affordable devices to customers. Easycep ensures all products go through rigorous testing and quality control processes, guaranteeing a reliable and eco-friendly choice for tech enthusiasts.


What's the problem?

Initially, Easycep faced significant SEO challenges due to being a relatively new player in the refurbished smartphone market. The website struggled with low organic traffic, poor search engine recognition, and limited online visibility, hindering its ability to reach potential customers effectively.


Why the brand choose us?

Easycep chose us because of our proven track record in handling similar SEO challenges and our customer-centric approach. Our expertise in website architecture planning and customized SEO strategies made us the ideal partner for Easycep's growth journey.


Our approach to the Easycep's project.

To tackle Easycep's SEO issues, we implemented a comprehensive and strategic plan. We started by planning the website architecture to ensure optimal user experience and search engine crawlability. The migration from WooCommerce to a custom software solution was successfully completed, enhancing the site's performance and scalability.


What actions did we take?

  • Successfully migrated the website from WooCommerce to a custom software solution, improving site performance and user experience.
  • Initiated a robust blog strategy, creating engaging and informative content to attract and retain users.
  • Implemented a detailed internal linking strategy to enhance site navigation and improve SEO.
  • Strengthened the website's authority and online reputation through strategic backlinking efforts.


What were the results?

  • As a result of 9 months of SEO work we have done with Easycep.com,
  • 830% non-brand organic revenue increase,
  • 531% non-brand organic traffic increase was achieved.

Some images of the results of Easycep

The good results we obtain as a result of each work motivate us to achieve greater success.

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