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Online Reputation Management Services

With our professional online reputation management services, we optimize your digital identity by increasing your positive feedback and handling negative content professionally.

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What is Online Reputation Management?

All positive or negative reflections that corporate or individual brands create on their target audiences are called "Online Reputation". The set of all strategic actions and practices taken to shape, protect and improve the reputation of an individual or institution in the digital world is called "Online Reputation Management".

For Whom?

In which sectors can you see the impact of online reputation management?

We have dozens of success stories in the sectors we support.

  • eCommerce
  • Industry&Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Technology&SaaS
  • b2b Service Providers
  • Accommodation&Travel
  • Law Firms

What can we do for you within the scope of online reputation management?

Would you like to be a brand that is remembered positively in the customer purchasing journey?

Relegating Your Negative News to the Back Ranks

We push negative news to the back, enhancing your brand image with strategic SEO and positive content promotion.

Removing Negative Suggestions in Google Autocomplete

We remove negative Google Autocomplete suggestions, enhancing your online reputation through strategic SEO and positive content.

Removing Unwanted Related Search Suggestions

We eliminate unwanted related search suggestions, enhancing your online reputation through precise SEO tactics and positive content.

Managing Negative Comments on Different Platforms

We manage negative comments across various platforms, safeguarding your brand reputation with effective moderation and positive engagement strategies.

Digital PR Services

We offer digital PR services to boost your online presence, build brand authority, and enhance reputation through strategic media outreach and content creation.

Press Release

We handle press release distribution, ensuring your news reaches the right media outlets and maximizes your brand's visibility and impact.

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We've got answers

Frequently asked questions
about online reputation services

If you're new or looking for answers to your questions, this guide will help you learn more about our services and their features.

Agencies operating in the field of online reputation management offer their services with various pricing models. These fees may vary depending on the type of service requested, the platform used and the specific needs of the business. A pricing plan can be created taking into account the demands and service duration of each brand or individual. This process is usually shaped as a result of detailed discussions between the online reputation management agency and the customer, and the agency offers a special offer in line with these discussions. These quotes are tailored to both meet the client's needs and reflect the scope of service the agency offers.

Online reputation management is a process that requires strategic work on various platforms. For example, when a comment is requested to be removed from the Google search engine, a special request form must be filled out. This form designed for requests to remove personal data is at the link. Alternatively, you can directly contact the person or company who owns the comment and request removal of the comment with a satisfaction-oriented approach. As another method, we can submit such requests by contacting the information and notification center of the Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK).
Apart from false or unfounded reviews, you can also request removal or deletion for all other reviews. Although the results are not definitive, trying these methods can be useful and can be an important step in protecting your brand's online reputation.

No, our company ROIBLE is not a legal consultancy company. For this reason, if what is desired is legal consultancy, one should work with organizations that provide this.

As ROIBLE, we have been providing online reputation management services since 2010. We have successfully managed the reputation of many people and organizations, from celebrities to athletes, from various brands to individuals. Our services aim to protect the value of your brand at the highest level, based on quality, professionalism and reliability.

The process varies depending on online reputation study, negative comments or legal complaints against the brand or individual. If the customer is truly aggrieved and has evidence such as an invoice, it is necessary to delete the comment and make efforts to correct the situation in order to ensure customer satisfaction. In this case, steps should be taken to solve the problems by providing professional responses to negative content.

In online reputation studies, the process is customized according to the presence of negative comments or legal issues about the brand or individual. In the case of real grievance and concrete evidence, active efforts are required to delete comments and correct the situation, taking into account customer satisfaction. In this context, professional responses should be given to negative content and steps should be taken to solve the problems.