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Hasata's Inspiring Success Story

Hasata is a brand offering Tiryaki Agro's legume products. It aims to connect customers with healthy and natural agricultural products. Produced with a reliable supply chain, Hasata products are a trusted choice in terms of quality and taste.


What's the problem?

At the start of the project, Hasata had fundamental SEO deficiencies due to being a new website, such as no organic traffic and search engines not recognizing the website. This situation adversely affected the brand's online visibility and access to potential customers.


Why the brand choose us?

Hasata chose us because of our expertise, past success stories, and customer-centric service approach. Our ability to identify basic SEO deficiencies and provide a customized and effective strategy to increase organic traffic and website visibility was decisive in Hasata's choice.


Our approach to the Hasata's project.

To address Hasata's SEO deficiencies, we followed a detailed strategy. We conducted comprehensive work to optimize the website's crawl depth. Additionally, we aligned URL structures and heading hierarchies with target keywords to improve the website's indexability by search engines and increase its visibility. Furthermore, we aimed to enhance the brand's content strategy by creating original and engaging blog and recipe content to attract user interest.


What actions did we take?

  • We optimized the crawl depth and improved on-site navigation to ensure the website's user-friendliness.
  • By aligning SEO information, URL structures, and heading hierarchies with target keywords, we ensured better understanding by search engines and increased visibility.
  • We enriched the content strategy by creating original and engaging blog and recipe content to increase user interaction and value.
  • By working on the website's external link profile in a controlled manner, we performed garbage link cleanup and strengthened the brand's online reputation.


What were the results?

  • As a result of the SEO improvements in the Hasata project, there has been a significant improvement in organic search results. The website, which had only 13.2K impressions at the start of the project, made a significant leap to 2 million impressions in as short as a year. The increase in the average position to 11.6 indicates increased visibility in search engines and increased likelihood of potential customers finding the site.
  • The click and impression data in the graph is an indication of how SEO strategies yield positive results over time.
  • Overall, these SEO efforts have strengthened Hasata's online presence and positioned it better on search engines. These data can be used as a valuable resource in shaping future marketing and SEO strategies.

Some images of the results of Hasata

The good results we obtain as a result of each work motivate us to achieve greater success.

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