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Smile Team Turkey SEO Success Story

Smile Team Turkey offers professional services to patients from all around the world, including the United Kingdom, seeking dental treatment, and operates out of Antalya. Prioritizing patient satisfaction, Smile Team Turkey is considered one of the trustworthy enterprises in the sector.


What was the problem?

The primary challenge encountered by Smile Team was facing high advertising costs while aiming to realize its growth objectives across Europe. Especially in the UK market, these costs noticeably increased, which posed difficulties in reaching broader audiences and conducting promotions. Furthermore, fluctuations in the country's currency exchange rates rendered advertising investments unpredictable. Consequently, maintaining organic growth became significantly important for our brand without solely relying on advertising budgets.


Why did the brand choose us?

Smile Team was in search of a boutique agency that could assist in reducing costs through the development of Europe-specific strategies. Here, ROIBLE's experience in the European market, strategic flexibility, and boutique service approach played a crucial role in its confident choice of our services. Additionally, ROIBLE’s capability to handle all operational processes, thereby allowing our brand to concentrate on its core business, made the decision easier. In essence, we were chosen because we function not merely as an agency, but as a department.


Our Approach

Our primary objective was to gain organic traffic from high-cost-per-click keywords in the United Kingdom market. This required us to engage in content marketing efforts that would demonstrate our expertise in various aspects to the algorithms. Additionally, this approach would lead to reduced digital advertising costs. It was crucial to execute a holistic strategy by gaining visibility not only in commercial queries but also in potential patient inquiries that are non-commercial. Our boutique approach allowed us to operate not just as an agency, but also as a department, providing sensitive and personalized solutions.


What actions did we take?

  • We conducted a competitive analysis to evaluate the competition in the industry. Frequently queried keywords by users were identified, and strategies were formulated accordingly.
  • We focused on targeted keywords to create blog content. These contents were informative and tailored to users' search queries.
  • Special content was developed for landing pages that matched the targeted keywords. These contents provided solutions geared towards users' needs, adopting a conversion-focused approach.
  • Internal linking was performed to strengthen the connection between blog contents and landing pages within the site. This facilitated easier access to more information for users, aiming to boost the site’s overall performance.
  • Regular cleaning of spam links was carried out to minimize harmful external links. This ensured the site maintained a healthy link profile and boosted its performance on search engines.


What were the results?

  • When comparing the last three months with the previous three months, the developments with Smile Team Turkey are as follows:
  • There was a 510% increase in organic traffic.
  • There was a 265% increase in incoming leads.
  • Increased user interaction with high-quality content and improved site performance.
  • Higher search engine rankings for targeted keywords and improvement in overall online presence.

Some images from Smile Team Turkey results

The good results we obtain as a result of every work we do motivate us to greater success.

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