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Digital Marketing

Silk&Cashmere Succes Story

Silk & Cashmere is a renowned brand that started its journey with Ayşen Zamanpur and her team traveling to Inner Mongolia in the early 1990s. They ventured to the homeland of the world's finest cashmere-producing goats, Capra Hircus, and silk cocoons. Today, the brand boasts over 200 sales points across 26 countries, delivering premium quality cashmere and silk products.


What was the problem?

Before collaborating with us, Silk & Cashmere faced challenges in optimizing their performance marketing efforts. The brand struggled with generic ad targeting, inefficient keyword strategies, and high marketing costs, which limited their growth potential and overall sales performance.


Why the brand chose us?

Silk & Cashmere chose us for our expertise in performance marketing and our proven track record of delivering impactful results. Our customized approach and ability to optimize ad accounts, track negative keywords, and target niche segments effectively made us the ideal partner for enhancing their marketing efforts.


Our Approach

We commenced our collaboration with Silk & Cashmere in December 2018, focusing on optimizing their performance marketing strategies to boost sales and reduce costs.


What actions did we take?

  • Conducted a thorough optimization of Google Ads account breakdowns to improve ad performance and relevance.
  • Implemented a robust negative keyword tracking system to eliminate irrelevant traffic and enhance ad efficiency.
  • Leveraged niche segment targeting on Meta to reach more specific and high-intent audiences.
  • Focused on precision optimizations rather than generic strategies to maximize the impact of each marketing effort.


What were the results?

  • Our strategic approach and targeted optimizations yielded remarkable results for Silk & Cashmere. Comparing 2019 with the previous year, we achieved:
  • A substantial 113.40% increase in the number of orders.
  • A significant 161.18% rise in revenue.
  • A notable 45.36% increase in the conversion rate.
  • A commendable 25.22% reduction in marketing costs.

Some images from Silk&Cashmere results

The good results we obtain as a result of every work we do motivate us to greater success.

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