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Online Yedek Parça SEO Success Story

Online Yedek Parça was established in 2008 under the name OpelGM. To provide better service to its customers, it now operates under the name Online Yedek Parça with approximately 20 employees in a 1500 m2 three-story facility with ample stock. The brand primarily generates revenue through digital advertising, with only 13% of its revenue coming from organic channels. Thus, reaching new customers who were purchasing spare parts for the first time was crucial.


What was the problem?

Online Yedek Parça heavily relied on paid channels and brand queries for revenue, with organic traffic being significantly low. The website lacked SEO optimization, including the naming of around 1500 categories, and required fundamental SEO improvements.


Why the brand chose us?

Online Yedek Parça chose us due to our expertise in SEO and our proven track record of success. Our ability to optimize the website and increase organic traffic were decisive factors in their decision to partner with us.


Our Approach to Project

To improve Online Yedek Parça's SEO performance, we implemented a comprehensive and strategic plan. This plan included restructuring the website, creating content, and building a robust backlink profile.


What actions did we take?

  • Renamed and optimized SEO titles and descriptions for 1500 categories.
  • Managed planned changes in bulk through Google Sheets.
  • Created content for prioritized categories, leveraging internal linking opportunities.
  • Utilized stock codes in titles for each spare part to facilitate easier access for mechanics searching for parts in auto repair shops.
  • Established a blog at blog.onlineyedekparca.com and produced automotive industry-focused content to increase brand awareness.
  • Strengthened domain authority through monthly backlink acquisitions.


What were the results?

  • As a result of our work, significant improvements were achieved in just the first 5 months:
  • 109.74% increase in E-Commerce conversion rate.
  • 232% increase in turnover from organic.
  • 154.96% increase in the number of orders.
  • There was a 21.56% increase in non-brand organic traffic.
  • The success achieved at the end of the first year enabled us to obtain a very good share in the sector. The turnover rate from organic channels is 13%; After 1 year, it increased to 53%.

Some images from Online Yedek Parça results

The good results we obtain as a result of every work we do motivate us to greater success.

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