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By working with a professional SEO consulting agency, you can achieve higher rank on Google and get more traffic.

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360° SEO Strategy
More than a keyword-focused approach, we build your SEO within a holistic strategy.
Technic SEO
We improve the technical competence of your website and increase your Web Vitals.
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Our content is both compatible with SEO rules and client demands at the same time.
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We make backlink purchases based on a right off-page SEO strategy.

Technical SEO is one of the most crucial building blocks of successful search engine optimization, and it covers comprehensive SEO measures but only deals with technical aspects. You can contact us to get technical SEO services for your brand’s needs by working with our experienced specialized SEO agency.

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO means optimizing the website following its basic needs. The basic requirements in technical SEO work start from the issues that require priority in google rules. While doing technical SEO work, you should first emphasize site speed, mobile compatibility, original content, site code structure, and on-site and off-site studies.
To do technical SEO, firstly, you need to analyze your website. Secondly, you can carry out studies in line with the deficiencies of your site. Then, you should pay attention to the frequency of your work, especially on critical SEO studies such as using keywords, backlinks, and link building.

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Technical SEO Agency Services

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As ROIBLE, we provide technical SEO services to improve the overall performance of your website and increase its speed. Some of the technical SEO services we provide are as follows:
Detecting Errors: A quick way to get started is to find and fix existing site bugs. Technical errors can mean that crawlers are not indexing your pages correctly. Cleaning up these errors is a necessary first step in any technical SEO project.

To optimize your website for search engines, you need technical SEO service from a professional Technical SEO Agency. Technical SEO methods are applied in line with a particular checklist.

Why Are Technical SEO So Important?

Technical SEO services are vital as they are mostly related to the speed of opening your website. The rate of your website directly affects your ranking because search engines and users do not like late-loading sites! According to research, more than half of the users leave websites that do not open in five seconds. If your site opens late and has high abandonment rates, it will cause you to go back in the rankings too much.
On the other hand, when you fix general SEO mistakes, technical SEO is not complete. Measuring and tracking the impact of these fixes over time helps you learn which technical SEO factors are hurting your rankings the most. Therefore, you can increase your site’s organic traffic by working with a specialized SEO agency that will combat all these problems.

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Why ROIBLE for Technical SEO?

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As a ROIBLE organic growth agency, besides on-site SEO studies, we also provide technical SEO studies to eliminate the technical problems in the existing infrastructure of your website. As a result of the technical SEO studies, we aim to index all your essential pages while search engines crawl your website more easily and quickly. In short, working with a professional technical SEO agency is extremely important to reach your target audience and increase your sales and brand awareness.

Technical SEO Agency Fees

Depending on the condition of your site, your goal, and the planned work, technical SEO agency prices may vary. The more content your site needs editing, the higher the prices may increase.
While we take steps to improve SEO with our regular technical scans, we ensure that the basic requirements of your website, such as security and privacy, are completed. You can also contact us to get technical SEO services for your brand’s needs by working with our experienced team.

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Technical SEO Agency Service Pricing



For Middle Companies

Find customers in your country
Up to 250 keyphrases optimized
Technical SEO fixes
Middle level link building
Middle level content creation
Monthly&Datastudio reporting
Dedicated SEO consultant


For Big Companies

Find customers across the globe
Up to 1000 keyphrases optimized
Technical SEO fixes
Advanced level link building
Advanced level content creation
Monthly&Datastudio reporting
Dedicated SEO Consultant

SEO Agency prices are determined according to some criteria. After examining and analyzing your website, we can give a specific price. However, an estimated cost can be shown considering some requirements. You can contact us to determine the Technical SEO price and choose an exact price after the reviews. As ROIBLE, we always support you with our customer-oriented price policy.

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F.A.Q. About Technical SEO Agency

If you have not included technical SEO practices on your website, you will not be able to get efficiency from the quality content you offer for users. This prevents you from ranking higher in the organic rankings, and the number of visitors to your site remains low.


Technical SEO services consist of steps that will make you easily noticed by search engine bots and improve the user experience. Site speed, performance, URL structure, and reliability are essential steps of Technical SEO and must be fulfilled.