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YouTube is a giant platform that offers viewers a unique social media experience with millions of video content. Content producers aim to be discovered by the masses by creating unique content in certain categories. In this discovery process, viewing, following and subscriptions constitute the interaction paths. Those who own a YouTube channel or content producers who want to open a new channel should make certain optimizations to maximize these interactions.

What is Youtube SEO?

SEO covers all the work done to obtain organic traffic at the top of a website’s search engines. Likewise, YouTube SEO includes a series of strategies that aim to reach a wider audience by optimizing video content. YouTube is a very active platform, with over 3 billion searches every day and over 1 billion hours of video watched per day. Therefore, YouTube content creators have to successfully apply SEO techniques to increase search rankings and attract more viewers by optimizing their videos.

Why is Youtube SEO Important?

Youtube’s presence in the Google system has a significant impact on organic growth. According to Conversion company’s research, globally, Google is the top search engine with a market share of 52.25%. YouTube (which is a real search engine as well as a video platform) has a share of 41.94%. Amazon comes in third place with much less significant figures at 2.26%. For this reason, content producers who correctly determine YouTube SEO strategies will ensure organic growth by leading to discovery by potential viewers.

Content producers who perform YouTube SEO gain the following advantages:

  • Videos gain more visibility.
  • Increase in organic traffic without paying for advertising.
  • Expansion of audience target audience.
  • Increasing the number of subscribers.
  • Better understanding of the YouTube algorithm through the use of SEO techniques.

Youtube SEO Algorithm

The concept of algorithm is a concept that is constantly mentioned in search engines and social media culture. Natural languages, programming languages, codes and flowcharts express these.

How do algorithms work and what are their stages?

  • It collects user signals to match it with relevant content.
  • These key signals indicate those with user interaction. (Likes, shares and comments)
  • It also increases visibility to users with content-related keywords, location and tags.

With this method of working, the algorithm constantly works and provides users with new suggestions about content. Therefore, it personalizes the user experience.

The YouTube algorithm includes a system designed to display video content in a specific order. Content producers focus on SEO that can affect this algorithm’s engagement strategies. In this way, the YouTube algorithm will offer effective strategies that allow them to get more views. Content producers, on the other hand, will be able to reach a wider audience and gain more interaction on the YouTube platform.

The YouTube algorithm determines users’ interests by examining their past videos. For example, if you watch a ROIBLE agency’s video on “SEO and organic growth” and it is liked, the algorithm uses this interaction as a signal. In this case, more SEO-related video content is recommended to the user. That is, the algorithm provides personalized recommendations by highlighting similar content on topics that interest the user. This means that by using SEO strategies, the algorithm understands user preferences and recommends content more effectively.

How to Do Youtube SEO?

One of the topics that content creators who want to reach millions of views on their YouTube channel or who will open a new channel are most curious about is how YouTube SEO is done. Some important points to consider in this regard:

Youtube Keyword Planning

SEO work must be done correctly to achieve organic growth on the YouTube channel. One such work is keyword planning.

Things to do in Youtube SEO keyword planning:

  • Using keyword analysis tools to make queries related to your niche.
  • Using tools like Ahrefs, Semrush and Google Keyword Planner to determine keywords to use on your YouTube channel.
    Making the right choice of target keywords in a way that directly affects the title, description and hashtags.
  • Video Name, Title, Description, Video Category

When opening a YouTube channel for your brand; It is important to include your logo, brand name, and description about your brand. By using the keywords specified in the video name, you will be able to achieve more conversions from your video content. The video title should be in a creative and engaging style that summarizes the content. At the same time, the text under the video content should be written in a simple and understandable way. For YouTube thumbnail optimization, images must be prepared and added via the panel. Descriptions are important in providing information about the YouTube algorithm and the video to viewers. Considering the limited mobile screen, it is important that the first paragraph is eye-catching and descriptive. Finally, when choosing the channel category, choices regarding the niche should be made.

Channel & Video Tags

Another important stage of YouTube SEO is channel and video tags. These tags are used by the YouTube algorithm to categorize video content. This may not directly reach the appropriate audience, but there may be an increase in the number of impressions and views over time. A maximum of 8 tags should be used in video tags, without being excessive. The point that should be especially taken into consideration in channel tags is that keywords and fields related to the video content should be used as tags.

Visual Optimization & Video Image Clicking

3 images related to the subject can be added to the video content to be added to the YouTube channel. Among the options for adding thumbnails, they can be selected directly from the video or specially prepared images can be added. The format specified for Youtube thumbnail optimization must be 2 MB or smaller and saved as .jpg, .gif, .bmp or .png files. Additionally, uploading should be done with dimensions of 1280×720 pixels (16:9 ratio).

Clicking on the video image, that is, clicking on the thumbnail, is an important process to attract the attention of the target audience and ensure conversion with eye-catching visuals. Thumbnail gives viewers the first impression of the content of the video and therefore should be visually appealing.

Having Subtitles

When optimizing your YouTube channel, it is important to add subtitles if it is addressed to an international audience. Subtitles allow viewers in different locations to understand and follow your content. To perform this process, open the Youtube Studio page and follow the steps Subtitles > Video Content. Then, by adding the language option, you can choose the appropriate options such as manual or automatic synchronization and automatic translation.

Cards & End Screens

Another important step in YouTube SEO is to use end screens in the last 5-20 seconds of the video that encourage viewers and direct them to subscribe. Additionally, flashcards can be used to make video content more interactive. To perform this process, you can follow the steps Content > Video Content on the Youtube Studio page and create public information cards for the video, playlist and channel from the Editor section. These cards are displayed to viewers as icons at a specific time and can increase engagement by directing them to other content.


Playlists can be thought of as a library of videos on YouTube. They can be played consecutively and Shorts videos can also be added to this list.

Youtube Referral Links in the Description

Adding a link to another YouTube video in the description section of a YouTube video is used by content producers to provide more interaction with the audience and increase the number of views of the videos. These intra-type referral links can increase channel engagement by directing viewers to different videos. These links should not be sponsored and should be naturally integrated into the content. For example, a Google link on “Youtube video tips” can be shared in the YouTube referral links of ROIBLE agency’s organic growth seminar.

Embed Usage

Using YouTube embed is placing video content on your websites or blogs. In this way, visitors will be able to watch the YouTube video and have the chance to get organic traffic.

Video Watch Time

One of the most important metrics in YouTube SEO is watch time. Because YouTube determines the value of the content by evaluating how long the videos are watched. Since YouTube is used as a video search engine, increasing watch time contributes to the video being ranked higher.

  • Video content should be interesting
  • Includes a call to action
  • It is aimed at the target audience
  • Adding questions and giveaways
  • Visuals are eye-catching

These are the methods that will affect video watch time. Additionally, analysis can be provided using YouTube Analytics.

Interactions (Likes & Comments)

In YouTube interaction metrics, likes and comments are of great importance in increasing video audience. The YouTube algorithm reacts positively to this positive feedback, which contributes to the content reaching a wider audience. These interactions are critical to improving YouTube SEO performance.

Channel Authority & Number of Followers

YouTube channel authority is related to the reliability of the video content created by the content producer and the actual audience of the channel. The number of followers represents the general audience. In terms of SEO performance, increasing the number of followers means growing the audience organically by producing quality video content.

Continuity of Followers

Continuity is of great importance in YouTube channel optimization. Publishing regular and high-quality video content to increase the number of followers ensures high rankings in YouTube SEO performance.

Enabling Followers to Watch Different Content on the Channel

There are certain methods on YouTube to keep the audience on the channel. One of these is to create playlists appropriate to the video content, add markups at the end of the videos, and share content-related links in the video descriptions.

Making it Switch to a Different Video After Watching a Video

Youtube channel settings need to be optimized to ensure that the video moves to a different video after watching it. For example, different content on the channel can be added to the playlist, as well as directions can be provided by adding cards to the video. The video content description can also be shared with a link to a different video. If you want to share the content of a different YouTube channel, the same methods can be applied.

Getting People to Subscribe to the Channel After Watching the Video

Ensuring that those who watch YouTube videos subscribe to the channel will ensure that the algorithms receive positive signals and increase the rankings. This means higher viewership and more views overall. To this end, it is important to pay attention to SEO and follow YouTube algorithm updates. Additionally, subscriber count interaction can be experienced through other social media platforms where the target audience is located.

Do You Want to Get Youtube SEO Service?

Youtube SEO service allows brands to grow in visual interaction by sharing their promotions, seminars, trainings and commercial agreement videos. Would you like to have these video contents viewed by a wider audience and increase the number of subscribers?

This is possible with the effective SEO strategies we have determined as organic growth agency ROIBLE.


We, at ROIBLE, are a transparent organic growth agency specializing in custom digital promotion and growth plans for all brands. With our boutique agency identity, we aim to maintain the best customer relations by providing one-on-one service to our customers. We work as a team of experts who develop the most effective strategies to help our customers achieve their goals.

Youtube SEO Service Prices

Our YouTube SEO service prices vary according to the needs of the brands. Within the scope of the service, we carry out technical studies such as YouTube channel opening, visual optimization, keyword analysis and competition analysis, video content title and description.

Frequently Asked Questions About Youtube SEO

There are different resources on how YouTube, online video and social media platforms work and the video upload processes. However, we have summarized the frequently asked questions regarding YouTube optimizations for you.

What SEO tools do you recommend for YouTube SEO?

Tools you can recommend for those who want to improve themselves in Youtube SEO techniques and provide analysis; Semrush, Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, Canva, TubeBuddy and Youtube Analytics.

How to create an effective call action (CTA) for videos?

One of the effective calling methods is to make sure that your target audience is determined correctly. You can express it briefly and clearly to the audience at certain parts of the video content. For example: “Subscribe to my channel!” or “If you liked this video, don’t forget to press the like button.”

What tactics can I use to increase the viewing rate of my videos?

The first step to increase the viewing rate of YouTube videos is content optimization. This includes editing the content’s title, description, and content-related tags. Addressing the target audience and creating quality content is also important to increase the viewing rate.

What should the ideal video description be like?

Information should be provided to the audience with the keywords in the video description and should also be written in an eye-catching way. The introductory sentence is of great importance, especially since only the first 25 words will be displayed on mobile screens.

What is the number of tags I should use in my videos?

Generally, between 5 and 8 tags containing or similar keywords can be used in YouTube videos.

Why are the first 48 hours of the video important?

Within the first 48 hours of the video content, likes and comments from the audience are transmitted to the algorithm signals and examined. For this reason, the sharing speed of video content will vary accordingly.

Why is watch time important?

Watch time is a metric included in the YouTube algorithm. The quality and relevance of the video varies depending on this duration. The number of subscribers and rankings of channels with high viewing time will also increase.

Does Youtube SEO benefit my website SEO?

Of course it is useful. By embedding quality content of YouTube videos into the website, users can increase the time they spend on the website. Additionally, sharing video links can send positive signals to provide backlinks and rank higher in search engines. This can offer significant benefits to the website in terms of both user experience and SEO.

When is the best time to publish my videos?

The best publishing time for YouTube videos depends on your target audience and the content of your video. Also, if you publish regular content, you should not miss this time.

What is the keyword density I should use in my videos?

Keyword density varies depending on the subject and field. For example, if you are talking about technology development, you may need to use keywords related to the subject of your video more often. On average we can say 1-3%.

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